‘An ancient system of medicine
relevant for our modern times’

Dr Martin Allbright

Dr Sue Allbright

Phillipa Russman


We are a group of traditional acupuncturists in Malvern, working together with the aim of combining our knowledge, care and experience to provide the most appropriate treatment and help for the people who seek us out.

There are many advantages to seeing an acupuncturist who is part of a team of fellow acupuncturists who meet every week.

With a client’s permission a practitioner can discuss any aspect of a clients problem(s) with any other member to get the best support and treatment for their client.

With the client’s permission we may arrange a joint consultation for them with one or more of the acupuncture team.

As a team we all keep up to date and inform each other of any recent developments.

Each practitioner has their own style and approach. Rather than repeat information here that is already available on the Internet here are the names and links to their own biographies.